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This is a site with all my character and roleplay information! Its more like a personal site but anyone who wants to view it can do so! <3 HAVE FUN AND I HOPE YOU LOVE MY CHARACTERS!!
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 ZiloXxNenami Fanfiction????

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PostSubject: ZiloXxNenami Fanfiction????   Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:07 pm

She growled, under this man layed something horrible, he was the devil, she knew it already yet she still let his hands befall her. Resting on her hip layed his right hand, his left unpon her shoulder, holding her in place so she could barely move. She gave a slight shift at the touch of his hands as one began to travel up her shirt, his cold -heartless- hands traveling up and up until they reached the hook of her bra. At this rate, she'd be undressed and he'd be comepletely satisfied, which was something she wasnt looking forward to.

Nenami had to get away.

Groaning at the touch she decided the time was right, she yelled for her beloved! "Zilo!" The lights went dull and the once so clam man began to panic. He yelled and screamed, cursing at the girl. "WHat the hell did you just yell!?" The man became angry. Nenami simply smiled giving her beloved the benifit of the doubt, thinking the reason of his late appearence was due to major issues that couldnt wait until later on. Finally, he came and grasp the mans hand, the hand that going for a slap to Nenami.

Her beloved wasnt her husband, nor her lover, it was her servant. The loyal man she gave her soul to as for him to protect her. She was only in this mess investigating who this perverted man was, raping and selling girls, a prostitution master, this man was a menice. His hair, her beloveds hair, was so long and black, it flowed through the air as he murdered the man with brutal force, blood spattering onto Nenami's face, she did not flinch.
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ZiloXxNenami Fanfiction????
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