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 January 20, 2012: Homeschool? And a Broken Promise =.=

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Kira Killer

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PostSubject: January 20, 2012: Homeschool? And a Broken Promise =.=   Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:46 pm

So, i wanna get into homeschool, regular school life just isnt working out for me. I think it would be nice to be home and be able to stay with people that act more like my friends then anything. I'd love it, although everyone says ill hate it? Oh well, its thier loss by not doing it, they get all these problems in school and come talk to me about it like i give a freaking crap about them and thier issues, I HAVE MY OWN!!!! I dont need thier drama everyday and half the time they dont listen to me. Like Kyra and Nina, they NEVER do but still come to me for advice? LIKE WTF! I told them not to date the people they are with because i know those boys, they are wayyyyy bad news.

I told them that they'll break thier hearts but they didnt listen so not even a month later i get the whole "OH ORIANA HE"S BEING SO MEAN AND IGNORING ME AND TALKING TO OTHER GIRLS AND ALL THAT SHIZZ" and all i say is "ohh im sorry, just move on and you'll be happy" Then i get the whole "BUT ORIANA I LOVE HIMMMMMMM" and i just go "IDGAF" and walk away...one of the main reasons why life isnt working out in school anymore =.= they lie and say they think im so pretty and precious but the truth is that they talk about me behind my back. I know this because people constantly tell me. Its not like i always believe everything i hear but after awhile it gets old and i have to face the facts.

Anyway...so like they other day Jacob promised that i'd be able to talk to him and junk but he lied and didnt come on until i had to get off....its no biggie though because he promised for today too...but so far i havent seen him around and its getting late >.> i wont hold it against him but it still makes me mad. I hate liars and stuff so him being one will just drag the wuv downnnnnnnn! I think he isnt all that bad anyway so ill give out my third chance but i dont have alot more to give...so he best be watching his back! ;D LOL

Right now i feel like laughing for some reason v_v its so weird! I am not in the mood to be happy and junk but i feel like smiling and laughing? WTF does that mean??????? Oh well, whatever...ill just do what i can and see what happens tonight..hopefully he keeps his promise =.=
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January 20, 2012: Homeschool? And a Broken Promise =.=
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