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 Kaika's Main Weapon~!

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PostSubject: Kaika's Main Weapon~!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:21 pm

The sword in her hand is custom made and infused with all the demons she has killed in the underworld before coming to Earth. It consists of horns, the weapons of her opponents, and all other parts that could be used. Some of other demons more defensive parts of thier bodies have also been taken in by the sword. The sword itself is a demon but does not live, its complex, but the sword can consume the dead and her opponents after her victories. It can also transform into something stronger, but can only do so if she is fully transformed into her demon form. This sword is somewhat precious to her, being given to her at age seven by her currently deceased father. With this sword she pledges to do her very best in every battle she is in and will only die in a nobel way with her pride and all.

This is how the sword looks transformed~When it is in its transformation mode it is humongous and weighs alot, its bigger than a normal adult and weighs just as much. Wielding this weapon appropriately took Kaika a very long time to do but with her power in demon form she can hold this sword transformed with no problems.
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Kaika's Main Weapon~!
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