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This is a site with all my character and roleplay information! Its more like a personal site but anyone who wants to view it can do so! <3 HAVE FUN AND I HOPE YOU LOVE MY CHARACTERS!!
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PostSubject: Registration   Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:50 pm

Character Information
Character Name: ----Yoroichi "Kaika" Sorakaika
Gender: ----Female
Race: ----Human/Demon Hybrid
Alignment: ---- Lawful Evil
Starting Planet: ----Earth

Personal Information
Main form of contact: ----AIM- Nenamikawaii
How did you find us? Other character~

Other Information
RP Style: ----Multi-paragraph to Novella
RP Sample: ----
Kaika sighed as she paced in circles around the one and only streetlight that illuminated this dark and sorrowful night. Outside ran rabid bandits and thugs she had come to know oh-too-well and the sounds of screaming and pain. She glanced over at an alley about 10 feet away from her and let out a small growl. She heard a young females scream flow through the alley and into her ears. Normal thugs only went for grown women and such, most of the time Kaika stayed about her own business and let what happens happen. She didnt like being the good guy because she herself had loved doing the evil deeds that they too enjoyed but hurting the innocent wasnt exactly her thing.

She groaned changing her pace direction to the sound of the screaming slowly reaching the alleyway to see a little girl probably at age 9 or so and got into fighting stance. "If you dont let her go, you'll see just what trouble you're in!" She snapped slowly motioning her hand for the man to come at her. He didnt look too tough but he sure looked tough enough to be a purely-fun opponent to her. She scoped out his body, seeing no muscles or signs of masculine strength at all and smirked towards the man. She relieved herself of her stance and gradually made her way to the man and the little girl. She took the girls arm and pulled her away, pushng her then to run away. The man yelled out something she didnt care to listen to but made no movements.

Kaika walked away after making sure that the young girl was safely away and waved her hand in ignorance towards him. "I dont care....just dont touch the young and we'll have no issues young sir." She nonchalantly explained then walked on her way to her home. The man seemed to have walked away too. Half of these thugs knew nothing of true strength, just cowardly speech and barking, talking wasnt something Kaika cared for nor would ever. She just wasnt a social butterfly...

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