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This is a site with all my character and roleplay information! Its more like a personal site but anyone who wants to view it can do so! <3 HAVE FUN AND I HOPE YOU LOVE MY CHARACTERS!!
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 Purely From The Heart

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Kira Killer

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PostSubject: Purely From The Heart   Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:55 pm

All my characters that i make come purely from my heart....i use a little peice of me in each one to make sure they come out the way i want them to~ I never abandon a character just because i dont "like" the outcome of them, i just keep working with them until they get better~ I think most of my characters have some type of weird anger issue? I dont know why unless i do but i dont think i do..? LOL ;3 ow well~!

Soooo my inspiration~ is my "HEART"~
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Purely From The Heart
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