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 January 17, 2012; Jacob takes all

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Kira Killer

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PostSubject: January 17, 2012; Jacob takes all   Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:01 pm

I just cant believe how after fighting so much i let my heart be taken by a simple boy. Now he mean so much to me. He isnt on with me at the moment but i can still feel him talking to me....im a freak? I guess im a freak for him. Im listening to depressing screamo music and talking on Dragonball:Retribution. I hate Dragonball but my best friend pawned me into going there and being her daughter. Its a roleplaying site but everyone in the Cbox is so funny <3 they are like my best friends online. I can never get a freaking post done with them blabbering in the box. I love 'em though. Zilo is Jacobs name in the Cbox....he is on alot too and so is this Lily chick....a girl who i fucking hate but i think if we talked we could get along...its probably just because she is older then me....people who are older and act older sometimes dont get along with me.

It's fine though, im okay with it. Just as long as she leaves Jacob alone. Im not jealous or anything but when someone tries me i get pretty mad. Well, i really cant write to much today but thast pretty much like half of my feelings for today, tonight is probably gonna be even more crazy so ill continue this later tonight ~ <3
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January 17, 2012; Jacob takes all
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