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This is a site with all my character and roleplay information! Its more like a personal site but anyone who wants to view it can do so! <3 HAVE FUN AND I HOPE YOU LOVE MY CHARACTERS!!
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 Abby Horokai

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PostSubject: Abby Horokai   Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:15 pm

Character Name: ----Abby Etoile Belle Horokai.
Gender: ----Female
Race: ----Saiyan
Alignment: ----Chaotic Good
Starting Planet: ----Vegeta

Abbys personality- She is a passive aggressive little 12 year old girl, being the daughter of Lucy she is a complete mommys girl. She wishes to be stronger but is very weak and can not protect herself. She is very shy most of the time but once she gets a friend she is really sweet and gentle. Get on her nerves and she'll hate you...forever. ;3 hahaha

Personal Information
Main form of contact: ----AIM - Nenamikawaii
Do you have another character with us? nope~
How did you find us? From Lucy~she gave me a link and insisted that i be her child >.> lol <3

Other Information
RP Style: ----Multi-Paragraph~
RP Sample: ----

Abby sighed as she played the piano, the sad music flowed through the mansion, giving the house a sorrowful feeling. She had wondered why her mother went out so late tonight, leaving her and her farther but even he was not fully there. Out training, not like she ever spent time with him anyway but the feeling of loneliness sort of hurt. She missed her dear mother feeling the pain of not being by her side was slowly killing her inside.

Groaning she got up from her piano seat and frowned. She leaned over against the window and looked out watching the rain trickle down the glass. She didnt know where her mother was and she was certainly scared being without her. The room went dark, which forced a small gasp out of her. "The storm....its so powerful..."

The house was pitch black as the storm knocked out the power. She gradually made her way back to her room and layed in the bed, cuddling up to the stuffed animals. "Mother....come home...."

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Abby Horokai
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